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1. Last Date of Paper Submission is 25th April 2019.    2. Call for Papers Publishing in IJARCST Vol. 7 Issue 2, (April to June 2019). (Best Quality with Normal Charges and Great Communications).    3. Author Get 15% Discount in our Publication if they Publish upto 5 Papers

Vol. 7 Issue 1, ( January to March 2019) is Online now

Vol. 5 Issue 4 (october to December 2017)  [IJARCST] .........


Research Topic

Paper ID

Page No.
1. Scientific Workflow Management among Distributed Sites with Big Data
V.Naga Hanisha, M.Narasimha Raju
IJARCST-53-2017-230 10-13
2. An Advanced Research Framework On Discovering Outliers By Integrating Nearest Neighbours
Vasa Siva Parvathi, Dr. V. V. R. Maheswara Rao
IJARCST-53-2017-231 14-21
3. A Novel Technique to find Frequent Items by using Greedy Association Rule Mining
V. Supriya, P R Sudha Rani
IJARCST-53-2017-232 22-26
4. Analysing Efficiency and Effectiveness of Clap Switch Mechanism Based on the NE 555 Clap Switch and Arduino Clap Switch
T. Jeyaperatha, K.Thiruthanigesan, N.Thiruchchelvan
IJARCST-53-2017-233 27-31
5. Big Data Analysis Using Distributed Approach on Weather Forecasting Data
Prof. Amit Palve, Ajit Patil
IJARCST-53-2017-234 32-36
6. Cost-based Competitive Analysis for Cloud Platform Service Using Online Dynamic Bin Packing
Seunghwan Yoo, Sungchun Kim
IJARCST-53-2017-235 37-44
7. Utilization of cloud database on criminal background check
Michael N. Mutisya, Andrew M. Kahonge
IJARCST-53-2017-236 45-50
7. Utilization of cloud database on criminal background check
Michael N. Mutisya, Andrew M. Kahonge
IJARCST-53-2017-236 45-50
8. The Real Time Face Detection and Recognition System
N.Niranjani , B.Tharmila, C. Sukirtha, K. Kamalraj, S. Thanujan , P.Janarthanan, N.Thiruchchelvan, K. Thiruthanigesan
IJARCST-53-2017-237 51-58
9. A Weighted Bregman Algorithm Applied to Sparse Image Reconstruction
Chun Guan, Boyu Tao
IJARCST-53-2017-238 59-62
10. An Innovatory Access to Investigate Various Different Software Testing Execution and Method
Prasad B. Dhore, Suvarna D. Shingare, Saili H. Sable, Shital B. Mehta
IJARCST-53-2017-239 63-68
11. Security for Personal Credentials in Big Data: Through Microaggregation and TCloseness
Prof. Sarita Lalchand Tanay, Prof. Vivek Jaysing Nagargoje
IJARCST-53-2017-240 69-71
12. Vishing Attacks on Mobile Platform in Nairobi County Kenya
Elijah M. Maseno, Patrick Ogao, Samweli Matende
IJARCST-53-2017-241 73-77
13. Design of Alarm Fault Monitoring System Based on MSP430
GuopingChen, HongWang,Yinlong Zhao
IJARCST-53-2017-242 78-80
14. A Study on quality of service and ant colony optimization in routing of mobile ad hoc networks
K.Sumathi, Dr.J.K.Kanimozhi
IJARCST-53-2017-243 81-85
15. Improved Particle swarm optimization based hierarchal clustering and compressed forwarding for WSN
Jagroop kaur,Parveen kumar, Anita suman
IJARCST-53-2017-244 86-90
16. PLIS: Proposed Language Independent Stemmer Performance Evaluation
Dr. M. Kasthuri, Dr. S. Britto Ramesh Kumar
IJARCST-53-2017-245 91-96

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