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1. Last Date of Paper Submission is 25th April 2019.    2. Call for Papers Publishing in IJARCST Vol. 7 Issue 2, (April to June 2019). (Best Quality with Normal Charges and Great Communications).    3. Author Get 15% Discount in our Publication if they Publish upto 5 Papers

Vol. 7 Issue 1, ( January to March 2019) is Online now

Vol. 2 Issue 2, Ver.3 (April - July 2014)  [IJARCST] .........

S.No. Research Topic Paper ID Page No.
81. Research on Indoor Multi-target Simultaneous and Precise Localization

Guoping Chen, Li Wang, Yi Zhang
IJARCST-22-2014-141 341-345
82. Association Rules Mining for Incremental Database

Mehdi G. Duaimi, Ahmed A. Salman
IJARCST-22-2014-142 342-352
83. Positioning Technology of Tumor Cells Using Adjoint in Biological Tissues

Guoping Chen, Yixuan Li, Li Wang
IJARCST-22-2014-143 353-356
84. Application of Queuing Theory to The Congestion Problem in Banking Sector (A Case Study of First Bank PLC. ILORIN)

Adedoyin Salami . I., Alawaye Anthonia .I, Taofeek-Ibrahim Fatimoh Abidemi
IJARCST-22-2014-144 357-360
85. Design of Web-Based Information Systemsnew Challenges For Systems Development

Khalid W.Magld
IJARCST-22-2014-145 361-368
86. The Design and Simulation of A Low-mid Frequency RF Low Noise Amplifie Based on ADS

Feng He, Zhihui Huang, Pengfei Wu
IJARCST-22-2014-146 369-372
87. A Comparative Analysis on Effects of Feeds on Quail

Adeoye Akeem .O, Ajayi S.K, Kuranga J.L, Adefila Enilara Justina
IJARCST-22-2014-147 373-376
88. Estimating The Optimal Number of Patients of External Clinics, For A Private Hospital, Via Mathematical Programming

Zeinab Youssef
IJARCST-22-2014-148 377-379
89. Research on WSN Dynamic Routing Protocol Based on Energy Balance

Guoping Chen, Wenchao Zhu, Ningyu Yang, Songtao Liu
IJARCST-22-2014-149 380-384
90. Graph Based Measure of Text Semantic Similarity Using WordNet as a Knowledge Base

Majid Mohebbi, Alireza Talebpour
IJARCST-22-2014-150 385-391
91. News Media Analysis

Neha Rajadnya, Sayali Pendharkar, Anisha Dhekne
IJARCST-22-2014-151 392-394
92. Using Secret Sharing Algorithm for Improving Security in Cloud Computing

Swapnila S Mirajkar, Santoshkumar Biradar
IJARCST-22-2014-152 395-398
93. Iris Based Cryptosystems for Securing VoIP

Vivekanand Verma, Vinay Soni, Laxmikant Tiwari, IVDr. K N Singh
IJARCST-22-2014-153 399-401
94. Efficient Method For The Determination of Multiple Spoofing Attacks

A.Krishna Kiran Kumar, S.Rajeshwari
IJARCST-22-2014-154 402-405
95. Ant Colony Optimisation Algorithm with Different Variation Methods to Solve Grid Workflow Scheduling Problem

Pankaj D.Khambre, Aarti Deshpande, Deeksha Singh, Sajju Gautam
IJARCST-22-2014-155 406-413
96. Performance Analysis of LAR and DYMO Protocol in GTS Mechanism Enabled IEEE 802.15.4 Based Wireless SensorNetworks

Surender. R, K. Kirubakaran, M. Ashok Kumar
IJARCST-22-2014-156 414-419
97. Optimization of TSP Using Genetic Algorithm

Vanni Wadhawan, Seema Rani
IJARCST-22-2014-157 420-423
98. Modified Pheromone Update Rule To Implement Ant Colony Optimization algorithm for Workflow Scheduling Algorithm Problem in Grids

P.D. Khambre, Aarti Deshpande, Akshita Mehta, Alok Saini
IJARCST-22-2014-158 424-429
99. Web Personalisation Using ANN for Query System Optimization

Richa Soni, Gurpreet Kaur
IJARCST-22-2014-159 430-435
100. A Comparison of TCP Performance over Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Umashankar Gautam, Gulbir Singh
IJARCST-22-2014-160 436-442
101. Healthcare Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Praveen Halapeti, Prof.Shantala Patil
IJARCST-22-2014-161 443-446
102. Resource Efficient Image Scaling Processor Using VLSI Technology

J.Jeba Priya, M.Annalakshmi
IJARCST-22-2014-162 447-452
103. Efficient Test Pattern Generator for BIST using Multiple Single Input Change Vectors

D. Punitha, S. Ram Kumar
IJARCST-22-2014-163 453-458
104. FPGA Implementation of Energy Efficient Cache Architecture with Modified LFSR and Shared LUT Architecture

J.Iswarya, B.Muthupandian
IJARCST-22-2014-164 459-463
105. FPGA Design of a Reduced Complexity Sphere Decoder for Wireless Applications

M.Sheeba, K.Monisha
IJARCST-22-2014-165 464-467
106. FPGA Based Low Power Motion Estimation with EDDR Architecture for Mobile Video Applications

T.Marish, V.Karthik
IJARCST-22-2014-166 468-472
107. Dimensioning Cellular Wimax Networks

Renuka, Rishipal Singh
IJARCST-22-2014-167 473-475
108. A State of Art Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Environment

V R Bithiah Blessie, A.Stanislas, Dr L.Arockiam3
IJARCST-22-2014-168 476-481
109. Retail Bank Loan Application

G.B. Lakshman Nanda, T.Narayanan
IJARCST-22-2014-169 482-484
110. Hardware Evaluation of Second Round SHA-3 Candidates Using FPGA

Karthick.R, Dr. M.Sundhararajan, G.Sathesh Kumar
IJARCST-22-2014-170 485-490
111. This Paper is Removed due to Copyright Issue

112. Modified Structure for Reduced Power and Area in Carry Select Adder

Ganesh Kumar Veerabathiran
IJARCST-22-2014-172 495-498
113. Research Paper on Optimized Utilization of Resources Using PSO and Improved Particle Swarm Optimization (IPSO) Algorithms in Cloud Computing

Gunvir Kaur, Er. Sugandha Sharma
IJARCST-22-2014-173 499-505
114. Field Programmable Gate Array Implementation of S-R-S-3 Hardware Schema

G.Satheshkumar, Dr.V.Saminadan, Karthick.R
IJARCST-22-2014-174 506-510
115. An Overview of Security and Privacy Issues for Cloud Computing Environment

Anuradha Mishra, Suresh Kashyap, Dr. K.N. Singh
IJARCST-22-2014-175 511-513
116. Converting Employee Relational Database into Graph Database

N.R.Prasanth, K.Arul
IJARCST-22-2014-176 514-515
117. Handling Class Imbalance Problem Using Feature Selection

Deepika Tiwari
IJARCST-22-2014-177 516-520
118. Hands–on Gadgets to Facilitate Algorithmic Thinking for Beginners

S.R. Subramanya
IJARCST-22-2014-178 521-526

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