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Vol. 7 Issue 1, ( January to March 2019) is Online now

Vol. 2 Issue 3, Ver.3 (July - September 2014)  [IJARCST] .........


Research Topic

Paper ID

Page No.
71. Energy Minimization with Fault Tolerance in the Real Time System

Sakshi Verma, Narendra Singh, Arvind Kumar, Bashir Alam
IJARCST-23-2014-249 316-318
72. Towards a Dynamic e-Learning Adaptation Framework for Saudi Arabian Higher Education Institutions: A Literature Review

Bader Alojaiman, Fahad Alturise, Dr. Robert Goodwin
IJARCST-23-2014-250 319-325
73. On Tuning a Novel Feedforward 2/2 Second-Order Compensator to Control a Very Slow Second-Order-Like Process

Galal A. Hassaan
IJARCST-23-2014-251 326-328
74. A Fingerprint Based Approach for Resource Selection in Federated Research

Benjamin Ghansah, Ben-Bright Benuwa
IJARCST-23-2014-252 329-333
75. A Novel Notch Compensator used with a Highly Oscillating Second-Order Process

Galal A. Hassaan
IJARCST-23-2014-253 334-338
76. RED Performance optimization by regulating Upper Threshold Parameter

Rajeev Sharma, Praveen Samadhiya, Dr.Gireesh Dixit
IJARCST-23-2014-254 339-341
77. Priority Based Memory Channel Architecture for Virtualization in Cloud Computing

Kulwinder Kaur, Dr. Vinay Gautam
IJARCST-23-2014-255 342-344
78. Market Place Model for Cloud Computing

Kamta Giri
IJARCST-23-2014-256 345-348
79. Literature Review: Stemming Algorithms for Indian and Non-Indian Languages

R. Vijaya Lakshmi, Dr. S. Britto Ramesh Kumar
IJARCST-23-2014-257 349-352
80. Performance Analysis of Intrusion Detection System on WSN Based on Euler Graph

R. Kanagalakshmi, Prof. D.P. Jayapalan, V. Naveenantonyraj
IJARCST-23-2014-258 353-355
81. SLA Based Extended GA Algorithm for Load Balancing

Amrita Verma, Ashish Jalota
IJARCST-23-2014-259 356-359
82. Comparative and Qualitative Analysis on Water Cooling Technologies for Green Cloud Data Center

Mahabaleshwar. S. Kabbur, Shashank Krishna
IJARCST-23-2014-260 360-363
83. A Survey on Different Compression Techniques Algorithm for Data Compression

Hardik Jani, Jeegar Trivedi
IJARCST-23-2014-261 364-368
84. Multimedia Answer Generation by Harvesting Web Information

Anjana Sekhar, Shini S.T, Pankaj Kumar
IJARCST-23-2014-262 369-372
85. Educational Application of QR (Quick Response) Code

Bharat Kumar, Neha Sharma, Nidhi Yadav
IJARCST-23-2014-263 373-375
86. Rule Based Resource Allocation Model for Multi-Tier Applications

Harjot Kaur Jhajj, Ashish Jalota
IJARCST-23-2014-264 376-380
87. Non-invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring using Pulse Transition Time

Karanjeet Singh, Parminder Singh
IJARCST-23-2014-265 381-383
88. An Improved QoS Multicast Routing Algorithm with Particle Swarm Optimization

Yeison Camargo, Leonardo Ramirez, Karina Martinez
IJARCST-23-2014-266 384-396

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