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Vol. 7 Issue 1, ( January to March 2019) is Online now

Vol. 2 Issue 3, Ver.2 (July - September 2014)  [IJARCST] .........


Research Topic

Paper ID

Page No.
41. Tuning of a PDFF Controller used with a Very Slow Second Order Process

Galal A. Hassaan
IJARCST-23-2014-219 175-178
42. Research on Signal Spectrum of Multirate Processing

Pengfei Wu, Songtao Liu
IJARCST-23-2014-220 179-181
43. Towards a Dynamic e-Learning Adaptation Framework for Saudi Arabian Higher Education Institutions:A Literature Review

Bader Alojaiman, Fahad Alturise, Dr. Robert Goodwin
IJARCST-23-2014-221 182-189
44. A Novel Feedback PD Compensator used with a Third-Order Process

Galal A. Hassaan
IJARCST-23-2014-222 190-193
45. Paper is Remove due to Plagiarism

Technically Removed Technically Removed
46. An Architecture for Securing Heterogeneous Web Services

G. Bharathy, P. Joseph Charles, Dr. S. Britto Ramesh Kumar
IJARCST-23-2014-224 197-200
47. Context-Aware Architecture for User Access Control

P. Priya, P. Joseph Charles, Dr.S. Britto Ramesh Kumar
IJARCST-23-2014-225 201-204
48. Integrated Security Architecture for Multitenant Environment of Public Cloud

Suresh Mohan
IJARCST-23-2014-226 205-209
49. A Survey Paper on Database Partitioning

Dipmala T. Salunke, Girish P. Potdar
IJARCST-23-2014-227 210-212
50. Neural Network Technique for Lossless Image Compression Using Medical Images

Mayank Sachdeva
IJARCST-23-2014-228 50-52
51. Genetic Algorithm with Range Selection Mechanism for Dynamic Multiservice Load Balancing in Cloud-Based Multimedia System

Michael Sadgun Rao Kona, K.Purushottama Rao
IJARCST-23-2014-229 217-221
52. A Review on Privacy Control Techniques in Context-aware Web Services

R. Stephen, P. Joseph Charles, Dr. S. Britto Ramesh Kumar
IJARCST-23-2014-230 222-225
53. MCQ-TC: Mobility, Connectivity& Quality Based Dynamic Topology Control in MANET

KushalShinde Narendra Pal Singh Rathore
IJARCST-23-2014-231 226-230
54. Reactive Routing Protocols Route Discovery Using CNRR Approach in Mobile Ad HOC Network

Elamparithi, S. Radhamani
IJARCST-23-2014-232 231-235
55. UnObservable BATMAN Routing for Fast and Secure Transmission in Comparison with USOR

Sujatha Gaini, Md. Abdul Azeem
IJARCST-23-2014-233 236-240
56. An Innovative Approach for Clustering of Web Pages Based on Transduction

Muneer K., Syed Farook K.
IJARCST-23-2014-234 241-244
57. Assessment of Congestion Control Technique in Wireless Mesh Network Using Routing Protocols

Swathi Sambangi, Uday Kumar Addanki
IJARCST-23-2014-235 245-248
58. A Survey on Routing Protocols in Wireless Ad HOC Networks

K.S.Saravanan, Dr. N.Rajendran
IJARCST-23-2014-236 249-256
59. An Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Text Mining Using Greedy Approach

T. Periyasamy, M. Senthil Kumar
IJARCST-23-2014-237 257-262
60 Wavelet Sub-Band Block Coding Based Lossless High Speed Compression of Compound Image

S Kumar
IJARCST-23-2014-238 263-268
61. Manet Distributed Access Control and Location Management Using The Scheme of Identity Based Cryptography

Dr. E. Karthikeyan, B. Iswarya
IJARCST-23-2014-239 269-274
62. Research Paper on Self Learning Offloading Scheme for Android Phones

Sheenam, Sugandha Sharma, Mayank Arora
IJARCST-23-2014-240 275-279
63. Analysis of Fat & Water Soluble Vitamins in Human Body Using Neuro-Fuzzy Approach

Dr. Jeegar A. Trivedi
IJARCST-23-2014-241 280-282
64. Outlier Detection Using High Dimensional Dataset for Comparision of Clustering Algorithms

P. Sudha, K. Krithigadevi
IJARCST-23-2014-242 283-288
65. Research Paper on Enhanced Battery for Android Phones using the Power of Cloud through Data Synchronization

Sumandeep Kaur, Sugandha Sharma, Mayank Arora
IJARCST-23-2014-243 289-292
66. Enhance the Text Clustering using an Efficient Concept-Based Mining Model

M. VeeraKarthik, M. Elamparithi
IJARCST-23-2014-244 293-299
67. Voice Identification System Using Neuro-Fuzzy Approach

Dr. Jeegar A. Trivedi
IJARCST-23-2014-245 300-301
68. Privacy Preserving Data Mining Using Piecewise Vector Quantization (PVQ)

S. Sasikala, S. Nathira Banu
IJARCST-23-2014-246 302-306
69. Study and Comparison of Various Search Engines’ Browsing Capabilities

Sridhar Neralla, Renuka Devi J, Nirmala A, IVSwarna M
IJARCST-23-2014-247 307-312
70. A Software Complexity Metrics for Modified Approach on LCOM

S.Suriya, F.Agnes Rosy
IJARCST-23-2014-248 313-315

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