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Vol. 7 Issue 1, ( January to March 2019) is Online now

Vol. 2 Issue 3, Ver.1 (July - September 2014)  [IJARCST] .........


Research Topic

Paper ID

Page No.
1. The Design and Implementation of Taxi/Bus Transportation Management System. (A Case Study of University of Agriculture, Makurdi)

Esiefarienrhe, Michael Bukohwo Angbera Ature
IJARCST-23-2014-179 10-13
2. The Summary of Routing Mechanism for Named Data Networking

Hongyu Zhang, Zhipeng Ding, Cuicui Niu, Zhen Wu
IJARCST-23-2014-180 14-17
3. Key Management Using Newton’s Interpolation Method for MANET

K.R. Ramkumar, Dr. C.S.Ravichandran
IJARCST-23-2014-181 18-21
4. Neural Networks Modeling of Memory Based information Encoding, Retrieval and Forgetting Methods

Dr. P.Ponmuthuramalingam , R.Anbazhagan
IJARCST-23-2014-182 22-26
5. An Approach to Automatic Generation of Test Cases from Use-Cases

Dr. B V Ramana Murthy, Prof. Vuppu Padmakar, A. Vasavi
IJARCST-23-2014-183 27-30
6. Multicore Processor, Parallelism and Their Performance Analysis

Rakhee Chhibber, Dr. R.B.Garg
IJARCST-23-2014-184 32-37
7. BCO for Multiprocessor Scheduling

K. Sireesha Student, Dept. of Information Technology, LBRCE, JNTUK
IJARCST-23-2014-185 38-40
8. Image Deblurring from Blurred Images

Sonu Jain, Akhilesh Dubey, Diljeet Singh Chundawat, Prabhat Kumar Singh
IJARCST-23-2014-186 41-45
9. Different Approaches to White Box Testing to Find Bug

Nidhi Gupta
IJARCST-23-2014-187 46-49
10. A Trust Management Scheme in Peer to Peer Systems

Manju John, Govindaraj.E
IJARCST-23-2014-188 50-52
11. Handling Selfishness in Replica Allocation Over a Mobile Ad Hoc Network for Improving Data Accessibility

Kotarki Shruti, Asha S
IJARCST-23-2014-189 53-54
12. A Review of Cloud Forensics Issues & Challenges

Sonam Jain, Tejbir Rana
IJARCST-23-2014-190 55-57
13. A Review Paper on Fingerprint Identification System

Priyanka Rani, Pinki Sharma
IJARCST-23-2014-191 58-60
14. Context-Aware Computing with Semantic Data

Sanjay Rao H N, Pushpa H G
IJARCST-23-2014-192 61-63
15. Insider Data Theft Mitigation Techniques

Shivani Singla Tejbir Rana
IJARCST-23-2014-193/td> 64-66
16. Candidate Path Search Framework for Chinese Text Recognition

P. Ashok Kumar, B. Tejaswi
IJARCST-23-2014-194 67-70
17. Towards High Security and Fault Tolerant Dispersed Storage System with Optimized Information Dispersal Algorithm

Hrishikesh Lahkar, Manjunath C R
IJARCST-23-2014-195 71-75
18. Secure and Scalable Sharing of Personal Health Records (PHR) in Cloud Computing Using Multi Authority Attribute Based Encryption

Pankaj Bhattacharjee, Venkata Subramanian D
IJARCST-23-2014-196 76-77
19. Ensuring Privacy and Renewability Using Helper Data Systems on Multibiometric Cryptosystems

M. Beulah, K. Leela Rani
IJARCST-23-2014-197 78-82
20. Optimized Clustered Chain Based Power Aware Routing (CCPAR) Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

Gurudatta, Dr. Devendra Prasad, Deepak Vats
IJARCST-23-2014-198 83-86
21. Faculty Performance Evaluation Using Data Mining

NirmalaG, P.B. Mallikarjuna
IJARCST-23-2014-199 87-91
22. A Survey on Various Procedures Implemented in The Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Sunil Subrahmanyam Yadavalli
IJARCST-23-2014-200 92-95
23. A Comparative Study on Poverty Mapping by Using Data Mining Technique: A Clustering

Sen, Umesh Kumar
IJARCST-23-2014-201 96-98
24. Domain Analysis Over Cardiac Disease by Using Various Techniques of Data Mining

Sen, Umesh Kumar
IJARCST-23-2014-202 99-101
25. Securable Auditing for Data Sharing in The Cloud

S.Narasimhulu, M.V Prakash
IJARCST-23-2014-203 102-105
26. Slit Spotting in Wireless Sensor Networks

M.Venkateswarlu K.Anu Priya
IJARCST-23-2014-204 106-110
27. Evaluation of Breast Percent Density in Digital Mammography Images Using Fuzzy C-Means Clustering and Support Vector Machine

Sangeetha.N.M., Dr. D.Pugazhenthi
IJARCST-23-2014-205 111-113
28. Real Time Meta Level Performance Analytics with Big Data System

Gurubalan T, Pushpa H G
IJARCST-23-2014-206 114-116
29. Automated Skull Stripping Method using Clustering and Histogram Analysis for MRI Human Head Scans

K.Somasundaram, R.Siva Shankar
IJARCST-23-2014-207 117-122
30. Multi-Message Cipher Text Policy Attribute-Based Encryption

G. Venkata Krishna, K. Lavanya
IJARCST-23-2014-208 123-126
31. Ubiquitous Healthcare Utilizing Semantic Interoperability

Sonam Bhardwaj, Ranjeeta Mittal
IJARCST-23-2014-209 127-133
32. Enhanced DDoS Attack Prevention Method Using Temporal and Spatial Locality

Sujina mol M , Aneesh M Hanee
IJARCST-23-2014-210 13-136
33. Transmission of Sound Using Lasers

Navneesh Singh Malhotra, Harman Malhotra
IJARCST-23-2014-211 137-140
34. Fuzzy Based Improvement in Handoff Decisions in GSM Networks

Arpana Dureja, Jitender Kumar, Rajesh Gargi
IJARCST-23-2014-212 141-149
35. A New Supportive Approach for Cost Minimization in SWN

Ch.Sireesha, K. Lavanya
IJARCST-23-2014-213 150-152
36. Real Time Passenger Information System

Rohan Kale
IJARCST-23-2014-214 153-155
37. Implementing Storage as a Service

Varun Singh, Ishan Srivastava, Vishal Johri
IJARCST-23-2014-215 156-160
38. Advanced Security Mechanism for Online Financial Transactions through Data Mining Techniques

P.V.D Prasad
IJARCST-23-2014-216 161-165
39. A Framework on Dynamic Resource Allocation for Cloud Based e-Learning

BJ.Hubert Shanthan, N.Veeragavan, Dr L.Arockiam
IJARCST-23-2014-217 166-169
40. A New Intrusion Detection System For modern Web-sites

J. Srinivasarao, M. Mahesh Kumar
IJARCST-23-2014-218 170-174

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